Fossil Diesel Oil vs Pure Jatropha Oil

Comparison of the Characteristics of Fossil Diesel Oil Compared To Pure Jatropha Oil

Diesel Oil

Jatropha Oil

Density kg/l (15/40 °C) 0.84-0.85 0.91-0.92
Cold solidifying point (°C) 14.0 2.0
Flash point (°C) 80 110-240
Cetane number 47.8 51.0
Sulphur (%) 1.0-1.2 0.13
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Jatropha Seeds Oil Content

Jatropha Curcas seeds can produce 60% oil content depending on:

  • Production capacity (genetics) of the plants
  • Application of advanced pruning techniques
  • Improved pollination results from establishment of bee colonies
  • The moisture level of the soil
  • The nutrient level of the soil
  • Application of foliar fertilizer 30 days before harvest
  • Stage of ripening at harvest
  • Use of high quality processing equipment
  • Processing completed within 24 hours of harvest
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Lifecycle of Jatropha

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Filtration of Jatropha Oil

How to Filter Jatropha Oil for Use as Jatropha Fuel

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From Seed to Oil – Processing of Jatropha Curcas

Simple processing of old Jatropha Curcas seeds by Phil Dirkse, Oliver Haas and Meg Rich.

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